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The card game of tactical duels in the subterranean nightmare arena.



The inhuman Tyrants revel in forcing captive fighters into cruel and bloody tests of survival. You are one such fighter, doomed to duel endlessly in the subterranean battleground known as Shattered Arena.

Shattered Arena is a collectible card game in which 2-4 players use customized decks to compete in tactical melee battles in a nightmarish arena. Your custom deck represents your fighter's unique style. It is composed of resource attributes like Strength and Appeal, as well as weapons, gear, and techniques made playable by those attributes.

Every exchange between fighters is intimately detailed, creating an unfolding cinematic dueling experience. Break your opponent’s weapon with a heavy strike while they desperately guard crucial gear; drop a weapon that was entangled by your opponent and quick-draw another for an unexpected escape and counter attack.

Discover the strategies that resonate with your style and construct a unique fighting style that leads you to victory and the favor of the Tyrants, or a humiliating end before a jeering crowd. Enter the spectacle of survival and sacrifice that is Shattered Arena.

Enter the Arena

Experience the card game of tactical duels in the subterranean arena of the Tyrants.