Shattered Arena Card Game Details

Core Values

These are the characteristics that define the Shattered Arena as a unique dueling experience.

Detailed Combat

Shattered Arena focuses on individual fighters and the minute details of their combat interactions, putting you in the center of a vivid blow-by-blow dueling experience where every action is easy to visualize. You will feel the satisfaction of your opponent’s spear thrust glancing off your body armor as you spring in to strike back with a lunge technique that takes him by surprise. You will despair as your opponent quick draws a dagger for one final thrust when all your defenses are exhausted. Will you taste the bitter glory of surviving to steal a hard fought victory, or will you burn in humiliation as you meet your end with jeers of the cruel Tyrants ringing in your ears?

Character Focused

When building a custom deck, you are defining your unique character’s core attributes, equipment, and combat abilities. Will you be an agile and appealing fighter who always has a technique to play and the favor of the Tyrants at your back? Will you outlast your opponents with heavy armor and limitless endurance supported by arcane magic? Create a fighter that resonates with your own sense of strategy and style.

Durability System

Weapons and armor lose durability in combat and eventually break, resulting in equipment sets that change throughout the duel. During combat, your armament will grow as your attributes do and critical pieces of armor and weapons will break after blocking attacks. Working with an ever changing equipment set will require flexibility, patience, and the favor of the Tyrants, who may grant your pleas to search your Armory for the key equipment you need to survive.

Dark Setting

As a captive fighter, enter a timeless subterranean world dominated by the undying magic of the heartless immortals known as the Tyrants. Their sadistic creativity and insatiable thirst for the suffering of humankind is unparalleled. It is for their own pleasure that the Tyrants have devised a spectacle of violence in which human beings assail one another. At the will of the Tyrants, these mortal duels employ the weapons and harness of great fighters of the ancient world. This is Shattered Arena.

The combat in Shattered Arena is a struggle for survival between mortal human beings, not invincible heroes or creatures. Victory means taking the life of another human for the pleasure of the cruel Tyrants. You will be wounded. The Tyrants will taunt you. You will live to entertain them or you will die.


From the beginning, Shattered Arena was designed to support more than the standard two player duel. Three players face off in a free for all battle where victory goes to the fighter with the most health when an opponent is defeated. Tandem duels cast two teams of two fighters against each other with a few extra twists to the core rules.