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Thank you to everyone who entered the arena with us at Gaming Hoopla! Your insight and enthusiasm improves our game.

Posted by Shattered Arena on Sunday, April 28, 2019


Mar 2, 2019

Shattered Arena will be play testing at Adepticon, March 27-31 2019 in Schaumburg, Illinois. Come and visit us in the free play area! More details soon. Subscribe and follow Shattered Arena on FB and Instagram for news flashes and art updates.

The new architectural card border style and Attribute iconography is complete. We are continually developing the visual style and generating art as conventions approach.



Feb 21, 2019

We are excited to announce that Shattered Arena will be testing in the First Exposure Play Hall at Gencon 2019! Come visit us and play Shattered Arena. More details soon.


Twelve tested decks of prototype cards

Twelve tested decks of prototype cards


Feb 6, 2019.

Shattered Arena tabletop CCG has been in development for roughly 2 years. Last year was devoted mostly to play testing, adjusting and developing new content. The game has just gained some web presence. Please sign up for the Shattered Arena mailing list, where you will receive updates and news of play test events. Follow Shattered Arena on social media and share with others who may be interested in the game. The next step will be securing artists to create the imagery needed to make Shattered Arena’s bloody exchanges and beautiful tragedies come to life. I’m so excited to share this game with you!